Data Analysis

Big Data? Small Data?

Data is everywhere. Big data or small we help you ask the right questions and make sense of your data. Do you have client data, sales data, or any other spreadsheets sitting unused on your computer? We can help.

Make sense of your data

We work with you to make the most of your data. Our team has experience with Canadian and US government data, sales data, health data, geographic data, and many more. We are efficient and rigorous in our work. We always provide you with the code, results, and guide you through the interpretation of the results.

Data Cleaning

We can clean data, create data dictionaries, and get your data organized. Your data, your way means we will code in whatever statistical package you prefer. R, SPSS, SAS, Stata, Python, even Excel, we’ve got you covered.

We have experience with many regression models. From ANOVA to zer0-inflated negative binomial regression, we can help.

We can simplify your data using factor analysis, PCA, and machine learning analyses.